Agency O is a South Florida based web and graphic agency.
Image that says Services. Below is a listing of some of the work that we enjoy doing for clients.
We specialize in web development. This ranges greatly based on your need, but we specialize in creating websites using the latest technology.
Graphic design is another offering which can offer you or your business the right product or experience that suits your needs.
We can design and implement a complete branding experience for your business.
Using the latest creative software, Agency O can create and build content and aestetics for your business.
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We take pride in using best practices to develop functional & responsive websites.
Image that says Monica who is the designer and co-founder of Agency O. Picture of Monica who specializes in graphic design, branding, illustration, web and print design and all else design related.

I love all areas of design; branding, web design, print and everything in between. I really enjoy getting to know people and helping them translate their verbal ideas into something visual that communicates with their audience. Design is such a powerful tool, it's amazing to watch things transform and take on a whole new life. I graduated with a BFA from the University of South Florida in 2012 and I've been designing both freelance and with organizations ever since.

Image that says Jack who is the web developer and co-founder of Agency O. Picture of Jack who specializes in web development using html, css, javaScript, wordpress, bootstrap, jquery and much more. Jack is a forever learner who continues to develop with the ever changing landscape of web development and design.

Since I was a kid I've been drawn to all things tech related. I have a tech degree from treehouse which allowed me to grow as a developer and learn all the essential languages. My learning never stops though. Web is all about the details and it's ever changing, so I'm always reading up, taking new courses and learning everything I can to stay on top. It's the most challenging part of web, it's also my favorite part of web.